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What is good design
Means to me?

Design has been my whole center of existence. I grew up doodling and creating imaginary worlds. Creativity has always been a big part of my identity and life. I love having the opportunity, daily, to express my ideas and put them into action. There is nothing more risky and rewarding than devoting yourself to a lifelong career in design. If I had to describe my problem solving, I would say that I am very straight forward and to the point. I don’t think design–in the advertising world–should be super hard to figure out. A lot of designers design for designers (who know to decode the design language), but forget to put their clients first. Clients like fast, clean messages that have communication and thought behind them.

Why my passion for fashion
Reflects my design

I have always had a passion for product design. I am a huge fashion fanatic. I believe in quality goods and quality messaging. I believe strongly in brand integrity. I used to work for Jcrew and it was a great example of brand loyalty and consistency. I liked being a part of the products and immersing myself into their brand world. Fashion is super inspiring because it’s a collage of data. There is so much data in fashion that it’s fun to collage it together. Different pieces come from different eras, different silhouettes communicate different messages, and it allows a person to be creative every single morning, constantly. I have a strong passion for product branding and it influences my desires to keep moving forward in my search for the company I would like to work for.

How I want my actions
to better the world

I have always fantasized about a group of technological people that work together to create a sustainable, smart urban space. Even if I can impact a business, in a small way, through a simple flyer–that action means a lot to me. The fact that we can all be a contributing hand in making the world a safer, better, smarter, more efficient excites me. As a design student, I have taken many classes that have impacted my thinking when it comes to change. For example, biopolitics, philosophy, science and psychology have been the engine of my interests.I would like to get my hands involved in something meaningful to me that helps a human being or a society. Marketing is the perfect opportunity to create social change and communicate ideas.

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I have a developed a interest in branding, information graphics, typography and layout. I also have a deep interest in UX design. We are in an era where invisible design is prevalent. To design something is to make a series of decisions that shape an experience for the user—whether that’s flying an airplane, reading a magazine, or navigating a website. I have a passion for well-thought-out design in all forms.

In branding / Business / Fashion / Typography
Typographic greeting cards
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Buick and GMC
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College for Creative Studies
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Tata Technologies
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Tata Technologies Infographic
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Balkan Artists Guild
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Food and wine classic
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Thank you for taking your time to visit my work. I very much appreciate it.